Electrician in Oxnard

Your home or business in the Oxnard area can’t function without electricity. You might be able to get by for a few hours, but if you want to be comfortable or productive, eventually you will need power. Making sure that your home or business has reliable and safe electrical service begins with hiring qualified electrical professionals to complete the necessary installations, maintenance and upgrades.

Eccles Electric has been working diligently to provide the top tier electrical services to residential and commercial clients in the Oxnard area. Our licensed and insured electricians have dedicated their lives to their trade so that you don’t have to think twice about who you are going to call whenever you need help with your home or business’s electricity.

When you have been in the electrical business, there is nothing you haven’t encountered before. So, no matter what your home or business’s electrical needs are, please don’t hesitate to call (805) 845-2857 to request a free estimate on the service you require.

Our goal has always been to provide exceptional electrical work matched with superior customer service to form lasting relationships with our clientele. So, call us today!

Residential Electricians

In the current do-it-yourself era we occupy, there are plenty of homeowners in the Oxnard area who are tempted to carry out their own electrical work. The only electrical job we can recommend that you do yourself is changing a lightbulb. Anything above changing a lightbulb could be sowing the seeds of fire hazards, electrical shocks or worse.

Electrical work is inherently dangerous, even if it’s a seemingly minor job. Rather than risk life and limb installing wiring or lighting yourself, let the trained and qualified professionals at Eccles Electric handle it safely for an extremely affordable rate.

Your home’s electrical system is too important to let it be touched by anyone but the experts, so call (805) 845-2857 whenever you need any kind of installation, maintenance, upgrades or emergency services.

Commercial Electricians

There are few things worse for businesses in the Oxnard area than being stuck with unreliable electrical services. Without electricity, how can you do business? It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, virtually every job requires specific tools and equipment to make it run. As a result, you can’t afford to let anyone touch your system whether it’s for a repair or an installation than the qualified professionals at Eccles Electric.

When you choose Eccles Electric to be your commercial electrician, you are making a choice for quality workmanship guaranteed to be conducted in a timely, efficient fashion while keeping in mind the need to minimize any disruptions. There isn’t a commercial electrical task we can’t complete, so give us a call today to request your free estimate on the service you require.

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Residential and commercial electrical work both have their fair share of hazards, which is why you should trust the professionals at Eccles Electric. To work with one of our very skilled electricians, call (805) 845-2857 today.